Collect signals around the world and contribute to decentralized location proofs while earning PTNX tokens

Collect data about signals around you to earn PTNX and create the Platin Plexus, a democratized proof of location system that operates on wireless data harvested by ordinary people.

Install the Platin Signal Harvesting app now:

What is Signal Harvesting?

Signals surround us in an enormous field of invisible information that our smartphones can detect. Platin’s Signal Harvesting app enables you detect them and like harvesting apples from a nearby orchard, you capture them for future use. Nothing to learn, even beginners can harvest with ease thanks to Platin’s user-friendly interface. You will see cell tower, WiFi access points, and Bluetooth beacons in your vicinity collected and measured. In future versions, you will receive a reward in PTNX tokens for your signals, and when your harvested signals play a role in Proof of Location, you will earn even more.

Your Privacy

Signal harvesting is private, because Platin is committed to privacy protection. This free and ad-free application collects no personal data from the phone. It has no interest in your identity or advertising anything. You will see only signals that you harvested yourself on your phone--not other people’s, and other signal harvesters won’t be able to see data that you harvested. Your data is encrypted and stored with a random identifier that has no link back to your phone number or identity. Platin signal harvesting is devoted to mapping the world of wireless signals as a primary component contributing to verified location proofs (for those who will be requesting such verifications in the future). The app will always be free to operate and will remain ad free.

Why we do this

This app is an important part of Platin’s journey towards enabling its Plexus -- a proof of location protocol on the blockchain. Your signal data is the heart of the system. In this version, we store harvested signals in a database and use it to finetune our protocols and consensus models. We are releasing capabilities to use the data, such as geospatial placed digital assets, proof of address, three-factor authentication, and more, some of which run on EOS and Ethereum smart contracts. In the end, the whole system will be fully decentralized and democratized. Read more at

Join us for this journey. We start here, today.